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You're looking for an affordable home, a new way of life, or simply for a cottage or an annex to your existing house, a yoga studio, a solution to host your extra guests or an absolutely unique event or team buidling opportunity?

Our Groovy and Authentic Mongolian Yurts (or Gers) have been developed over centuries, using mostly organic materials, to cope with the most extreme climates, hot or cold, winds or snow: they are probably the most efficient dwellings ever devised!

GroovyYurts is a small company... with a great customer service. Since we're nomads too, we can offer this service right to your door, anywhere in North America, thanks to our unique Groovy Delivery Tours system.

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Nigan Ahinabi

Renfrew, ON

Thank you so much for the Yurt which we have turned into a sacred lodge for ceremony.  We have held numerous pipe ceremonies and a traditional first nations wedding in and around it.  We have been gifted with a white moose hide, bear, and deer hide that we have adorned the walls with.  It is such a peaceful place and the mixing of all cultures in a Mongolian Yurt just shows you we are all connected.  Meegwetch

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