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  • 20150103_083034

    Steven E.

    "I spent most f my time in the yurt this winter! It was really nice! All my family loved it!"
  • Eric B.

    Boulder, Utah

    I own a 16' yurt that I purchased in 2008. I have used it as my bedroom for the last 5 years to great delight and satisfaction. Quality craftsman ship, awesome customer service and a great place to sleep! I LOVE my yurt and am glad  I made such a great investment.


    National Capital Comission (NCC)

    In the name of the National Capital Comission,  thank you for your generous contribution to the success of the 33rd edition of Winterlude, the Canadian winter festival. The festival's success would not have been without your support and collaboration. We look forward to working together for further editions of the Winterlude. 

  • Iska


    Southern California

     I love my yurt! It stays cool in the day and warm at night. It's very sturdy in the winds we have. I feel like I'm waking up inside a piece of art every morning.

  • Aveda

    Julie Cameron- AVEDA

    Minneapolis, MN

    The yurts from Groovyyurts added a wonderful texture to our Aveda Congress event. The interior spaces were beautiful, especially with uplighting, and created special intimate areas amidst the event space. The Groovyyurts team supported our event at all phases of planning, setup and takedown and was delightful to work with.
  • joseenolet

    Josée Nolet

    Cochrane, Ont. Canada

    Yves is a fabulous man who not only stands proudly behind his work but does his magic with joy and passion. He was always available to answer questions either over email or the phone, he was accurate with his time frames, and he was fun to work with. If you are  thinking about a yurt you would be mistaken not to call Yves and find out what he can provide!

  • IMG_0286

    Nigan Ahinabi

    Renfrew, ON

    Thank you so much for the Yurt which we have turned into a sacred lodge for ceremony.  We have held numerous pipe ceremonies and a traditional first nations wedding in and around it.  We have been gifted with a white moose hide, bear, and deer hide that we have adorned the walls with.  It is such a peaceful place and the mixing of all cultures in a Mongolian Yurt just shows you we are all connected.  Meegwetch

  • Thank-you-Daun-&-Travis

    Daun & Travis


    D. and I just wanted to say thnaks again for providing the yurts for our wedding and for being so accomodating. The yurts were perfect and they made a very positive impression on everyone. I'm glad we got them before they got famous! Thanks again!

  • KeliL

    Keli L.

    Southern California

    Groovy Yurts is a great company. The owner Yves is fair, honest, patient and has exceptional quality and customer service.I can't be happier with my new beautiful home.

    Keli L.

  • radhe_sma

    Rahdé G.

    Outaouais, QC

    I have now lived the 4 seasons in the yurt. The experience has been really great and very comfortable. I really like the shape and the finish of the Mongolian ger. Materials are natural and in winter temperature is perfect inside. Also, Groovyyurts service was excellent. I had to ask for support a couple of times and it was always given quick and great support. For me, the experience with the yurt has only been positive!


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You’re looking for an affordable home, a new way of life, or simply for a cottage or an annex to your existing house, a yoga studio, a solution to host your extra guests or an absolutely unique event or team buidling opportunity?


Our Groovy and Authentic Mongolian Yurts (or Gers) have been developed over centuries, using mostly organic materials, to cope with the most extreme climates, hot or cold, winds or snow: they are probably the most efficient dwellings ever devised!



GroovyYurts is a small company… with a great customer service. Since we’re nomads too, we can offer yurts for sale with delivery right to your door, anywhere in North America, thanks to our unique Groovy Delivery Tours system.

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