Contact Information

Chris Curran is our sales representative for Humboldt County, CA.


phone: (562) 676-5878

Why did you want to become a GroovyYurts Sales Representative?

I have been interested in getting into the yurt business since I have first been in one. I am to graduate from university soon and would really like to be able to afford to open my own Yurt & Breakfast at some point. I already created my very own business plan. I’m hoping that selling yurt might help me get a greater expertise of yurts as well as help me get the funds necessary to get to my goal sooner.

What is your best yurt experience?

During a stay in Alaska, I got to live in a yurt by the sea. We could see the whales swimming by as well as fish at the end of the dock. The sights were breathtaking.

About you?

I’m passionate about food and cooking. I love to share new experiences with others and meet new people.


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