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What is an authentic Mongolian yurt?

A yurt, or ger in Mongolia, is the traditional dwelling of Central Asian nomads. More than a tent, the yurt is the result of ancient savoir-faire and has been developed over hundreds of years. Made to resist extreme climates, this circular domed abode is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Easily dismantled, the yurt is portable and self-supporting.Read more »

Quality and Materials

Our Mongolian yurts are mostly made of natural materials. There’s a big difference between original Mongolian yurts and their more modern North American cousins. They share the same name and a similar structure, but are two very different products.

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Our yurts range from 8’ to 40’ (2.5m to 12m) diameter and over. Because of their very compact form to resist high winds, Mongolian yurts are generally much more spacious than they appear.

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It usually takes 1/2 day to a day for 2 to 4 people to set up their yurt the first time, but a single person can do it in 2 hours with a bit of training.

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We generally recommend using a platform to install your yurt. So far a circular platform offers the most advantages.

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Customer service

“At yurt service” is our motto! You can reach somebody at Groovyyurts almost 7 days a week through our toll free number, 1 888 GROOVYY. Should you have to leave a message, we'll call you back within 48 hours at the latest.Read more »

Special orders

Are you dreaming of something luxurious and ornate, with sculpted rods and pillars, semi precious stones, or even a second door, an unusual colour, higher walls, a decorated tarp, natural wood or special dimensions?

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