Bow Windows

Customize your Groovy Yurt with a bow window. Our bow windows increase natural light and brighten your yurt's living space. They also add a second entry point and can help create airflow for greater ventilation.  

Groovy Bow Windows

The authentic Mongolian ger is the result of over 3000 years of fine-tuning. We have a little over 5 years of experience with the bow windows. Needless to say, our windows are a work in progress! 

The new Groovy bow windows are available in two options. A fixed window that remains closed or an open window that, as the name suggests, opens. The bow windows follow the yurt’s curve and are available in individual sections (see table for dimensions). Each section can be inserted into the circumference of the yurt as is, or connected to one or more windows. They can also be connected to the main door. 

The bow windows come with a small wood awning and a canvas cover that we recommend using in harsh weather conditions or when the yurt is not in use. Each bow window section is made of two 4mm single-tempered glass panels. These windows can be retro fitted into a yurt that has already been setup.

Window Dimensions and Pricing

Outer Width (in/cm)

Outer Height (in/cm)

Price Fixed Window

Price Open Window


46.5" / 118cm

59” / 150cm



46.5" / 118cm

65” / 165cm



5, 6-Wall & Super Ger

7, 8-Wall

46.5" / 118cm

69” / 175cm



Best Practices

We do not recommend connecting more than 3 windows together and in general suggest keeping the number of extra doors and windows to a minimum. If not absolutely necessary, we prefer a fixed window to one that opens to minimize any risk of water leaks or structural compromise.

By inserting a window into the original authentic design, you will affect the yurts insulation slightly and also there can be greater risk for water leaks. There are things that you can do to minimize leaks or potential issues. Ask us for tips!

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