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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life span of a Mongolian yurt and is there a warranty?

Mongolians say it will last up to 100 years. On our side, we do our very best to select quality materials for our yurts allowing them to adapt efficiently to the more humid North American climates. With a little care, the wood structure and felt insulation will last dozens of years. Our yurts are handmade and do not come with a warranty as such. Although we care to source the best possible quality materials for our yurts, we cannot guarantee what, how and where they will be used. However, we are always available for advice, parts, or questions in the event of a problem or concern.

The outer canvas is exposed to the elements 365 days a year and tends to wear sooner than the other yurt parts, especially in humid climates. Other factors such as sun exposure, rain, snow and applied treatments can all affect the longevity of the canvas. If your canvas is starting to wear, please ask us about our canvas replacement discount (applicable for up to 10 years after the initial yurt purchase).

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Do yurts resist strong winds and snow loads?

Yurts have been developed in a country with an extreme climate. They are aerodynamic in nature and will resist strong winds. In Mongolia, they are normally not anchored to the ground as Mongolians do not want to harm the earth. In cases of extreme winds, Mongolians usually attach a big stone to a rope that hangs from the centre of the toono (central dome). This is, of course, an option in North America as well. You can also secure the yurt to your platform and or substructure. In this case, make sure that your platform and substructure are well-anchored to the ground. Groovy Yurts does offer a wind kit as well.

If the yurt is well installed, it should normally resist heavy snow loads. But for more safety, we advise our customers to regularly clear the snow on the roof. It is best not to leave your yurt alone where snow will be an issue as even the melting and re-freezing of the snow on the yurt, could be problematic.

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Are yurts waterproof?

Our yurts are made of almost 100% natural material. Our cotton-based canvas is of good quality and is water resistant. In certain cases of prolonged rains or long-lasting melting snow, you might experience some humid spots here and there.

Here are a few ways to adapt your yurt to extremely humid conditions:

We 100% recommend placing a layer of house wrap (Solitex Mento 1000) between the felt and the outside cover on the roof and walls. We offer this option and custom-cut it for our yurts. In downpours where the yurt is damp, heat the yurt for 30 minutes with a good wood fire in the stove.

Ventilation in your yurt, around your yurt and under your yurt is crucial to success in your authentic Mongolian yurt. Ask us about tips for keeping the air flowing!

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Do yurts need a lot of maintenance?

The authentic Mongolian yurt doesn’t like to be left alone for too long. It will last far longer if it is used, and cared for, ventilated and/or heated. Other than that, there’s not much to do apart from maybe tightening the ropes from time to time. Should you need to leave your yurt unattended for several months, we recommend you take it down and store it in a dry place. We have acquired a healthy dose of experience caring for these beautiful dwellings and we would happily share our knowledge with you.

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What is the difference between a traditional yurt and a modern yurt?

Both dwellings share the same name and a similar structure, but they are completely different products with advantages to both. In general, Mongolian yurts (or gers) are easier to install and move. They are built with more organic materials, and we strongly believe that they are also more comfortable, largely due to the felt insulation and canvas that insulates well in both the cold and heat. The organic materials allow for a “natural” breathing and circulation of air. This can be further improved by lifting the covers at the bottom of the yurt. Many specifics and details of the original Mongolian yurt have been forgotten or could simply not be recreated in “modern” yurts. Mongolian yurts are entirely hand-crafted and will require more care and attention than their North American cousins. You will have to adapt to your yurt and the yurt will have to be adapted to its environment. Even amongst authentic Mongolian yurts themselves there can be several different or slight variations. At Groovy Yurts, we take great care in selecting our materials and pay particular attention to how they are sourced. Ensuring our customers get the most out of their new yurt and thrive in the environment in which it is placed, is our number one priority.

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Are there windows in your yurts?

The toono (central dome) in an authentic Mongolian yurt provides most of your natural light when open. Ask us about our standard toono options and upgrades. In addition to this, all our yurts come with a double door system that will allow you to open the solid door to a second door that is framed for screens and/or glass. We leave it to the customer to add glass/plexiglass, or screening. We also offer bow windows for our yurts from a 4-wall (16ft) to the 8-wall (30ft) size. Our bow windows are sold in sections that are either fixed (do not open) or ones that do open. Depending on the size of the yurt, a recommended number of window sections can be added. It is possible to install a bow window in a yurt that has already been set up.

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Can one have electricity or running water in a yurt?

Everything is possible! The concept of an authentic Mongolian yurt is so flexible that it easily adapts to individual needs. All that is encouraged and required is that you respect the safety standards of construction and consult a professional when necessary.

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What is a wall – I thought yurts were round?!

Our yurts ARE round! A ‘wall’ is a lattice section that is unfolded like an accordion and connected to the next one in a circle to form the circumference of the yurt. The more wall sections, the bigger the diameter of the yurt is. Traditionally in Mongolia, most of the yurts have 5 walls and are 20ft in diameter. Traditionally, having fewer walls makes it easier to carry or transport, and most often is a stronger structure, having less connections.

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Are Mongolian yurts 4 season? What about heating, stoves, pipes and fire?

Authentic Mongolian yurts (compared to any other yurts) are very well insulated and easy to heat in the winter. Still, they remain cool in the summer mainly due to the felt insulation and cotton-based canvas that repels the outside sun and heat. A natural cooling air flow can be created by opening the toono and raising the side covers. This millenary all-natural air conditioning works extremely well.A standard wood stove, pellet stove or slow combustion stove will do the job quite well. Depending on your yurt size and or location, solar air heaters may work, as well as an electrical or propane unit.

Yurts are well insulated, so please take care of carbon oxides. The yurt comes with a very light tin plate on the toono (top dome) with a 4-to-5-inch hole for the stove pipe. This is the way they set up their stove pipe in Mongolia. In North America, it is required you use an insulated chimney pipe and have it professionally installed in order to comply with local building standards. On request, we can install your chimney flashing and bracket ahead of delivery.

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What type of platform should I use, or can I install the yurt directly on the ground?

We do not typically recommend you set the yurt up directly on the ground. It is important to keep the covers and felts dry and away from pooling water. However, it is okay to install a yurt on the ground for a limited period such as a special event, but we truly do not recommend doing so in humid/wet areas or over longer periods of time.

Regardless of whether your platform is made of wood, cement or hay, we recommend a circular 15-30 cm (6-12 inch) rim be build around the circumference of the yurt. This will allow for optimal water drainage and help to keep mice or other small animals from getting inside your yurt.

Several of our customers have installed their platforms on straw bales with a simple plywood cover. It’s easy, inexpensive, insulated and ecologic!At Groovy Yurts we produce and sell excellent ready-made platforms (made here in Canada). These platforms are insulated, easy to assemble and transportable.

You can install your yurt and platform virtually anywhere. However, we generally recommend areas have good sun exposure and that are somewhat open to encourage good air flow, allowing your yurt to breathe. Less ideal locations would include humid/damp areas, under a tree, in dense forests or up against other large bushes or structures that would disable healthy air circulation.

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How long and how many people does it take to install a yurt?

This will depend on the size of the yurt. Generally, for a 5-wall yurt it takes around half a day or in some cases a full day. If it is the first set-up, 3 to 4 people will be required. With a little bit of training, it will be easier and faster a second time.The first time can be a little tricky even with our detailed installation guides. If you purchase a groovy yurt, we recommend our set-up assistance service. We are professionals in the proper set-up of a yurt. We want your yurt experience to have a wonderful beginning.

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What is the weight of the yurt and what vehicle can I use to carry it?

Here is an overview of approximate values:


2 walls               150 kgs (320 lbs)

3 walls                220 kgs (485 lbs)

4 walls                340 kgs (750 lbs)

5 walls                575 kgs (1268 lbs)

6 walls                650 kgs (1433 lbs)

7 walls                800 kgs (1750 lbs)

8 walls                1050 kgs (2315 lbs)

Should you decide to pick-up your yurt at our warehouse, or move it from one location to another, please ask our team about the transport requirements as they will vary depending on the size of your yurt, along with any accessories you have such as a platform, windows, extra felts, etc.

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What does set-up assistance mean?

Set-up assistance means, we will assist you and your team of helpers to set up your yurt. The raising of the yurt is a day in yurt care, tips, maintenance and history! A well leveled structure and platform, if you are building your own platform, must be ready for us upon arrival. The set-up conditions and number of people required to assist will be determined by the pre-delivery team. Failure to provide assistance will result is extra charges. Our delivery schedules are set out to accommodate our customers, so every effort is made to stay on time. That being said, our delivery times can be hampered by weather, vehicle issues, container delays, and a host of other crazy, hard to believe reasons. A delivery tour of this magnitude is an enormous challenge. Please know that it is our priority to deliver your yurt in a timely manner and that your patience is so appreciated.

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Is full set-up of your yurt available?

Full set-ups are only available in very special circumstances. Please ask us for details.

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Legislation varies from municipality to municipality, province to province, and state to state. There is typically no specific ruling for yurts. Often, they are considered a non-permanent building and do not require a building permit. But that being said, other local municipalities may ask that your yurt be declared a permanent building structure and a building permit may be required. If you are experiencing some difficulties with legislation, please contact us.

We will equip you with information you can use for presentation to your municipality.

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Is your business based on fair trade?

Although we’re not certified by any organization, we strongly believe in the benefits of fair trade and that it is possible to conduct business and support local economies. Mongolia is a free market economy. We try to source our materials on the countryside to support rural areas and nomads. We are in very close contact with our suppliers and work hard to foster healthy business practices together. We give hand-in-hand bonuses to all of the workers every time we ship a new container.The wood industry is very regulated in Mongolia. We therefore participate in the development of a tree nursery project, financed by the sale of our yurts. A yurt uses in average 3.2 trees and it is our intention to plant 25 trees for every yurt sold. We also continue to support, an organization that equips rural schools with much-needed school supplies. A sewing school was opened in 2007 with the help of in Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar. We also participate in several community projects in North America when we are able.

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Return Policy

A 15% restocking fee will apply to all cancelled orders. If delivery has already occurred, the return shipping will also be at the customer’s expense.

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