Is Our Authentic Mongolian Yurt Right For You?

Over the last ten years here at Groovy Yurts, we have noticed a significant increase in the diverse uses of yurts. More and more people seem to be drawn to them, and rightfully so. They are GROOVY.

What is a Yurt?

Our yurts are produced by families in Mongolia and are imported to Alexandria, Ontario. The journey is complicated, and long and crosses many borders. The logistics alone create risks for the yurts, but as we maintain, this journey tells a story that is a large part of their authentic beauty.

In an almost 'post-pandemic era, the shipping industry has been severely impacted, and your patience is so greatly appreciated as we work to bring your yurt home from half a world away.

Person walking towards a fully insulated yurt.
Groovy yurt in British Columbia.

How are Yurts Used?

Our yurts are beautiful! This beauty lies in their journey, spirit, culture, and history. They are handmade and hand-painted. The felts are made of sheep’s wool. The wood is mostly pine and larch, the outside and inside covers are canvas and cotton blends, and we still use horsehair ropes to keep our yurts secure. The compromise to all this organic beauty is the level of care. Your Groovy Yurt can withstand harsh climates if properly cared for. Sun and wind are their friends. Wet and rainy climates are less than ideal. If you do not have some practical ‘handy’ skills, be prepared to learn some or know someone that does. Keeping this organic dwelling secure and dry will keep it happy for years!

The Groovy Method

Since 2003 we have been committed to making authentic Mongolian yurts (gers) available to the Western market. With the recent increase in consumer interest came North American demands for modifications that are not customary to the authentic Mongolian yurt. Although we are genuinely excited about the addition of bow windows, toono upgrades, and other non-traditional options, we are also acutely aware that these additions can open the yurt up to risk factors. It is important to be aware that different climates will require different levels of care for both the yurt and any modifications that may have been made to it.

Team member cutting wood with circular saw.
Team member pulling rope at work station.

Best Practices

If you purchase a yurt, be ready to use it or store it in a safe dry place. Do not leave it up and alone for an extended period. Understanding the advantages, and challenges that come with owning a yurt is key to your success with it. The yurt can be a fabulous investment for personal, community or business use, but it is not for everyone. It is not a set it up and leave it kind of deal. It is a lifestyle.

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