Mongolian Yurt Kits

By Bataa & his Family

From the first phase of production in the countryside to the final stages in the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, every family member plays an intricate role in ensuring the fine detail and quality construction of these authentic Mongolian yurts.

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Groovy Yurts custom heart design.

Financing Your Yurt

At Groovy Yurts, we understand that turning your yurt dream into reality requires careful planning and financial consideration. That's why we offer flexible yurt financing options designed to make your journey to yurt ownership as smooth as possible. You can qualify for competitive-low rates from the link below.

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From homes to get-away stays, our yurts are used all of the world!

A super Ger and 7-wall Groovy yurt in Utah.
Groovy Yurts custom heart design.
5 star review.

We have been thrilled with our yurt. We got quite the looks from people when they found out we’d be living in the yurt full-time in Northern Minnesota, but as Winter wore on, we got less shock and more amazement. This past Winter was the hardest in over 130 years. We had a few nights that dipped below -60ºF (-51ºC) but with our woodstove nice and hot the yurt stayed comfy and cozy. It is amazing.


A Groovy Yurt in the middle of the forest.
Groovy Yurts custom heart design.
5 star review.

It is beautiful. It is home. The best part about living in the ger is feeling so connected to nature.

Tess and Halsey

Yurts at Standing Rock.
Groovy Yurts custom heart design.
5 star review.

I worked with the company GROOVY YURTS to supply the camp at Standing Rock with warm shelters. They were a total pleasure to work with–prompt, responsible and sensitive to the needs of the Water Protectors.

Jane Fonda

Actor and Activist
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