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At Groovy Yurts, we're nomads too. A few times per year we hop on the Groovy Truck and take off on an epic journey across the continent to deliver Mongolian yurts throughout Canada and the United States. Our ever-famous North American Delivery Tour is designed to offer unbeatable savings on door-to-door delivery, significantly reduce carbon emissions by minimizing delivery trips, and most importantly, meet you and tell you all about the beautiful Mongolian culture behind these millenary dwellings!

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Why Choose Delivery?

If we deliver your traditional yurt directly, you will be able to take advantage of our set-up assistance special (there is an extra fee for set-up assistance). Our set-up expert on location will guide you and your team of helpers through a safe and organized set-up, as well as provide yurt tips and knowledge about Mongolian history and culture. We will make certain you get the most out of your new beautiful dwelling. If you want to buy a Mongolian yurt, please ask us about our delivery tours throughout Canada and the USA. We want to ensure all our customers have access to affordable delivery and set-up assistance.

Note: If you have opted to receive set-up assistance along with your delivery, you will be required to provide 2-4 helpers (for yurt sizes up to 6-Walls) or 3-5 helpers (for 7-Wall and 8-Wall yurts). Helpers should be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. At least one should have good practical building skills.

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Latest Tour Updates

In order to secure a spot on any of our tours, full payment for parts will be required up front, as well a 20% yurt deposit. Full balance for the yurt is due on delivery. Please contact us ASAP at 1 (888) 476-6899 or e-mail at info@groovyyurts.com for stock availabilities & details!


Western USA & Canada Tour:
July/August 2024


Eastern Canada & USA Tour: September 2024 | ACCEPTING ORDERS


Western Canada & USA Tour: September 2024 | ACCEPTING ORDERS


Local Tours Ontario & Quebec: Accepting orders year round. Contact us for more information.

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Canada & USA Delivery Tour Fees

Door to door delivery will cost between $1,599 - $1,799. Additional fees may apply for ferry boats, special tools, platforms or destinations north of the 60th parallel. Every effort will be made to accommodate our customers and their yurt needs. Having said this, we strongly encourage you to plan ahead.

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Delivery Tour Fees    

$1,599 for up to 6-wall, 22ft yurts

$1,799 for 7-wall, 26ft yurts and larger

$500 additional charge for yurt deliveries north of the 60th parallel* up to 6-wall, 22ft

Set-Up Assistance Fees

$850 set-up assistance for up to 2-wall to 6-wall yurts

$950 set-up assistance for 7-wall and 8-wall yurts

$300 platform set-up assistance for 2-wall to 4-wall yurts

$400 platform set-up assistance for 5-wall, Super Ger, and 6-wall yurts

$450 platform set-up assistance for 7-wall and 8-wall yurts

Team member assembling yurt parts.


In order to secure a spot on any of our delivery tours, a 20% deposit is required for yurt orders with the remaining balance due on delivery.

Full payment for parts will be required up front. Please contact us ASAP at 1 (888) 476-6899 for stock availability & details!

Personally Delivering Your Yurt

Of special note is that we travel across Canada, the USA, and back again. Our delivery times/arrivals can be hampered by weather, container arrival delays, customer delays, and a host of other crazy hard-to-believe reasons. A delivery tour of this magnitude is a big challenge. Please know that it is our priority to get each one of you your yurt as promised but your patience is always so appreciated. We will get there!

Alternative Shipping Options

Shipping your yurt from our warehouse via a third-party carrier is also an option!
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