Hammond Hill Eco Resort

Hammond, Ontario

Hammond Hill Eco Resort is the first eco-experience and wilderness retreat of its kind in Canada. Featuring campsites, cabins, and Mongolian yurts nestled in 62 acres of mature woodlands, Hammond Hill is an environmentally sustainable retreat for families across the region. On-site amenities include beer garden, beach volleyball, yoga in the forest, wedding venues, and more.Hammond Hill’s yurt village features a number of glamping tents (yurts) with no running water or services. Each yurt comes with a bed, table, and chairs on the interior, and an outdoor fireplace and seating area. For family vacations, make sure to check out their eco resort!We had a chance to sit down with Aaron Markel, owner of Hammond Hill, and discuss why he loves Mongolian Yurts. Be sure to check it out here!

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