April 4, 2024
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11 Steps: How to Buy a Yurt

11 Steps: How to Buy a Yurt

Are you dreaming of owning a yurt? Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, unique guest accommodations, a sustainable living space, or even a nature school, buying a yurt can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. To help you navigate the process, we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide to buying a yurt from Groovy Yurts, experts in traditional yurt (or Mongolian ger) living.

  1. Determine Your Needs & Budget: Understanding your needs and budget will help you narrow your choices to find the perfect structure. Consider your personal or business needs, your location’s climate and municipal regulations, and a realistic budget. Traditional yurts (more accurately known as Mongolian gers) are made of organic materials like wood, wool, and canvas, while modern yurts use man-made materials like vinyl. Because of this, traditional Mongolian yurts are more affordable, breathable and environmentally friendly but may require more maintenance. They are great for 4-season use but less ideal in extremely humid areas. 
  1. Research Yurts: Once you’ve decided that a yurt is the right choice, it’s time to start learning the basics. There’s a surprising amount to know! We’d recommend starting with: 22 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Yurts. If you’re left wanting to learn more, here are some other great resources to browse through:
  • FAQ Page: Answers to all our most commonly asked questions
  • Blog Page: Includes in-depth Yurt Resources, Groovy Updates, Customer Experiences & Mongolian Culture information.
  • Yurt Anatomy: Explore all the ancient components that make up a Mongolian ger.
  • Gallery: Find inspiration in photos of our favourite yurt set-ups from over the years!
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  1. Select a Yurt Kit: Once you’ve taken the time to learn a bit more about these magnificent structures, it’s time to select your yurt kit. Yurt kits come in many sizes and styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Groovy Yurts offers two collections of yurts, including our hand-painted Mongolian Yurts and Natural Wood Yurts. Both are considered traditional yurts, which are known for their craftsmanship. Our largest yurts are commonly used for festivals and special events, whereas the smaller yurts are often used as alternative housing options, glamping accommodations, and a whole bunch of other purposes!
  1. Request a Quote: Our dedicated staff will help walk you through the buying process taking into account your climate, intended usage and budget to help you build a custom yurt that will suit your needs. In addition to helping you select your yurt color and size, we will guide you through our add-on options such as platforms, windows, accessories & parts, chimney flashings, extra insulation, furniture, and more. Groovy Yurts also offers delivery and set-up assistance as well as pick-up and shipping options, so you can get your yurt up quickly and easily.
  1. Place a Deposit: A 20% deposit will secure your yurt order with the remaining balance due on delivery, pick-up, or prior to shipping. With several payment options available, buying a yurt has never been so easy! Groovy Yurts now offers Financing Options in partnership with Canadian Financial, Enable, and iFinance, making it easier for North American customers to own a yurt. Pre-qualifying for financing takes just a few minutes and will allow you to pay in manageable instalments. 
  1. Getting Your Yurt: Depending on how you have selected to receive your yurt, our team will be with you every step of the way. Below, we’ve outlined what you can expect based on the delivery method you’ve chosen.
    • Delivery Tour: Our team will provide regular updates on when we can expect to arrive in your area. Check out our Delivery Tours page for the latest upcoming tours and order deadlines. Once our tour plans have been finalized (typically 3-4 weeks before departure), we will confirm a more precise arrival date for your delivery. 
    • Pick-Up: If you are picking up your yurt at our warehouse in Alexandria, ON, Canada, we recommend that you ask our team about the transport requirements for your order. 
    • Shipping: If shipping is the option you've selected, our team will price out the best possible rate for you with a third-party carrier. 
    • *USA customers: Please note that a USDA wood permit application is required before we can ship or deliver your yurt across the border. We will provide instructions and assistance as needed to help with the application process. 
  1. Delivery Day & Installation: If you opted into the delivery and set-up add-ons, Groovy Yurts will deliver and help you set up your yurt. One of our yurt experts will guide you in a full-day set-up ensuring that the structure and covers are installed correctly while guiding you for the subsequent finishings, so you can enjoy your yurt immediately. They’ll also take time to explain tips and tricks on the long-term care and maintenance of your yurt while sharing Mongolian culture and history. If you are picking up your yurt at our warehouse or having it shipped, we will provide you with our detailed set-up PDFs and videos and remain available for any questions.
  1. Enjoying Your Yurt: Once your yurt is installed, it’s time to enjoy it. Whether you’re using it as a weekend getaway, a home office, or a permanent residence, your yurt will provide years of comfort and enjoyment (with the right maintenance and care). Check out our Groovy Knowledge Base portal for additional yurt maintenance and set-up resources.
  1. Leave a Review: If you enjoyed your experience with our Groovy Team, please take a minute to tell us about it. As a small business that’s passionate about Mongolian gers and customer service, it would make our day…week…and year! 
  1.  Join Online Communities: If you’re hoping to connect with fellow yurt enthusiasts from around the globe, Facebook is a really good place to do this. There’s a few active communities that we’d recommend joining, including
  1. Utilize the Referral Program: Groovy Yurts offers a referral program that rewards you for referring friends and family. For every successful yurt referral, you’ll receive $150 in Groovy Dollars to spend on spare parts, add-ons, furniture, accessories, and bazaar items, making your yurt life even more comfortable. Stay Tuned: We hope to release an Ambassador Program soon. 

Ready to start your yurt journey? Contact Groovy Yurts to learn more about buying a yurt and join our community of yurt enthusiasts! 

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