October 28, 2021
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Mongolian Yurts & Yoga Belong Together

Mongolian Yurts & Yoga Belong Together

Why do people buy a yurt for practicing yoga?

Is it because of the energy, symbolism, and round shape?

Or, perhaps, because of the ‘womb protection’ feeling?

Maybe because it is a way to create a separate, quiet space in the backyard, that can be transformed into extra space for kids or guests?

Or is it simply just that yoga in a yurt is easy to implement?

Yurts & Yoga: A Supreme Combination

We’ve definitely heard all those reasons and we’re certain there are many more draws that we haven’t heard.

Generally, those wishing to practice yoga in a yurt opt for a standard diameter yurt, which is 4 to 6 walls (16 to 22-foot diameter).For reference, the author of these blogs, Yves, is 6’5’’ (195cm) and has no problem practicing in a 5-wall or even a 4-wall yurt.  The smaller yurts are quite low along the walls, so one might find themselves having to stand closer to the centre where it’s higher.

If a customer wishes to create a yoga studio in a yurt, they might be happiest with a Super Ger, as it has  raised walls and a steeper roof pitch. This is a 26’ or 30’ (8 or 9 metre) yurt.

We’ve had up to 20 people practicing yoga in a 26’ yurt and many more would fit for a meditation.


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